Demo 2012

by Value

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released October 24, 2012

Recorded with Chrome Werewolf, Las Vegas 2012.



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Value Las Vegas, Nevada


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Track Name: Intro / Rebirth
been to the bottom
never crawled my way up
learned to survive
to have it all fucked up
lost everything
piece by piece
never made friends
just a few enemies
now i have to say
my life is in ruin
no one gives a fuck
because i fucking blew it
one person did this
that person is i
now im seeking revenge
just an eye for an eye

im seeking revenge
just an eye for an eye
but i wont take the cowards way out
and keep the pain inside
Track Name: Face It
just want to drop
everything piled on my back
so much pressure
im being attacked
on the ground
i struggle and crawl
hard to lift myself up
with no spirit at all
so many problems
running through my head
clouded by worry
my mind is dead

tough luck
ill try to swallow
struggle and strife
ill try not to follow
handle my problems
handle my reality
handle them all
as much as it kills me

i wont turn my back on my problems
i will face them in the eye
Track Name: Forced Out
kids forced out of society
Track Name: Myth
the youth is united
the youth is strong
the youth is right
the rest are wrong
together were powerful
we break down walls
seperated were weak
divided we fall
in a world so small
we need to embrace
bring in the new
and show our face
we cant be hidden
we need to prove
we are unstoppable
we are the youth
Track Name: Our Song
sacrificed everything
for something else
sacrificed everything
without a doubt
life or death
for something else
life or death
without a doubt

you think you struggled
you think you fought
how about walking through a desert
left to rot
Track Name: Statement
brother and sisters
together i want to see
brothers and sisters
united and free
brothers and sisters
together as one
brothers and sisters
sexism is done
im a son to a mother
and a man to father
they taught me equality
made me smarter
i see through their eyes
equally as a pair
a man and a woman
were all made fair

terror boys
Track Name: Mold Crew
we were first
in a line of brotherhood
we were unbreakable
together we stood
then you go
and you turn your back
not on your enemies
but us you attack
you say were there
at my begining
then spit on our friendship
our fucking ending
fuck a fall out
you chose the words you spoke
made me chose sides
a conflict you provoked

fuck your friendship
i dont fucking need it
fuck your ideas
dont fucking feed it
fuck what we had
you chose your words
ill turn my fucking back
and keep moving forward